The Benefits of Buying Furniture from the Manufacturer

Many of today’s leading manufacturers allow buyers to purchase their furniture directly from the company rather than a retailer. This presents a great option for furniture buyers for a number of reasons. And within this blog, we’ll look at the benefits from buying your patio furniture directly from the manufacturer.


The Manufacturer Can Offer Lower Pricing

It’s important to find the best value for the purchase price when buying patio furniture. Oftentimes, the retail companies require furniture products to be marked-up for sale within their store. This means that shoppers are often spending 10-15% more than they would on the product, simply to pay the retailer for their services. When the retailer is taken out of the equation, furniture buyers can cut the cost of their purchase and save money for their furniture accessories.


Manufacturers can Offer Direct Warranties

When purchasing furniture products directly from the manufacturer, shoppers are more likely to get a more comprehensive warranty with their product. Buying directly also gives shoppers the opportunity to speak with the manufacturer about specific issues that might not be covered under the warranty. When buying from a retailer or wholesaler, they may ask that you contact the manufacturer for more information on the warranty, and they may even charge you more money for their own warranties, which are usually far less substantial than the manufacturer’s.


Manufacturers Can Offer Custom Options

There’s no comparison between the options available through the manufacturer and through the retailer. The manufacturer can help shoppers create their own customized furniture for their outdoor space. When they buy directly from the manufacturer, shoppers can speak with a specialist about their ideal design concept. They can then have that concept designed and crafted for them by an expert with experience in the field. This process can be completed in a consolidated timeframe and often at a lower cost than run-of-the-mill retail furniture options.



Streamline your patio purchase process by buying directly from the manufacturer. You’ll save money and secure a higher quality product that’s built for you and your home needs. To learn more, speak with one of our manufacturing experts directly. 

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