The Benefits of Having A Shaded Area In Your Yard

Many Florida homeowners are now looking at methods of bringing shade to their yard space. While the bright sunshine attracts millions of visitors to the state each year, Floridian homeowners are often in need of a little break from the scorching summer heat. In this blog, we’ll focus on the many benefits homeowners can gain from having a shaded area in their yard.


Maintaining a Cool Temperature inside the Home

With energy bills seemingly continually on the rise without signs of slowing down, homeowners across Florida are searching for ways to cool their property during the summer. A shaded garden area is the ideal solution to this common problem. By planting trees and other natural elements outside the home, property owners can reduce the level of sunshine that shines directly into their living space. Restricting the sunlight into the property can bring the ambient temperature in the home down by several degrees. It’s how many property owners are cutting their home cooling costs this summer!


A Cool Space for Pets to Enjoy

Florida continues to see high temperature records broken across this and recent summer seasons. It’s important that pets are protected during these turbulent times for the area’s climate. A shaded space within a home’s yard provides household pets the perfect cool space to enjoy when the outside temperature would otherwise be too high for comfort. This type of space will also be ideal for owners to spend time with their pets while enjoying the summer sun in cool safety.


Reduces the Need for Watering Landscaped Areas

Shaded space presents Florida homeowners with a means to reduce their expenditure on water for gardening activities. The heat can often have a debilitating effect on plant life in the area, but by creating a cool shaded space free from the glow of the sun, homeowners can mitigate this issue. This will then help them to limit their use of water, thereby helping families to consolidate their water resources over the summer season. It’s a process that’s cost-effective and has a positive effect on the natural environment.



Consider creating that idyllic shaded landscape within your home’s outdoor living space. There’s a great array of financial and lifestyle advantages to keeping the heat out this season. Learn more today by contacting our experts at Palm Casual!

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