The Essential Measurements for Your Outdoor Furniture Layout

outdoor furniture

Adding outdoor furniture can add value to your home because it provides a cozy and stylish atmosphere to your backyard or patio. It can also increase usable space.

Like other successful home improvement projects, you must also plan thoroughly and consider the essential measurements. Otherwise, you’re wasting your money on furniture that’s too big or too small for your space. 

This article will provide essential tips when planning your outdoor furniture layout to help you get the most out of this home improvement project.

The Planning Phase 

This section will enumerate what every homeowner must do before purchasing outdoor furniture. 

1. Measure Your Space

Before buying your outdoor furniture, use rope, tape, string, or chalk to mark where you want the pieces to go. It will help you visualize if the table and the layout are ideal for your space. We also recommend investing in high-quality furniture if you want them to last. 

2. Determine the Traffic Flow

Allow at least three feet of clearance in high-traffic areas and provide more space for safety around accident-prone areas. Select pathways two to 2.5 feet wide for a garden path and four to five feet wide around a grill and pool.

3. Add the Comforts of Home

Adding art, accessories, furniture, and rugs can transform your outdoor living space into an open-air living room. 

Outdoor Dining Setups 

An ideal outdoor space must have a seating and dining area with enough room for snacks and drinks. This section will provide pointers for selecting the correct outdoor dining setup. 

1. Larger Dining Areas

When determining a larger dining space’s size, designers recommend calculating the table’s size with the chairs pushed in and allowing three feet of space on all sides for movement.

2. Smaller Dining Areas

A bistro table with two chairs works best for dining in smaller outdoor areas. The table is usually only two to three feet wide, with chairs and a small amount of movement space, letting you fit in an area of six feet by eight feet.

Seating Areas 

The next step in our essential outdoor furniture guide is determining the most suitable places to sit and relax. 

1. Accent Tables and Fire Pits 

Professionals recommend that a small table next to a chair, chaise lounge, or sofa be within easy reach. They suggest ensuring a distance of about 24 inches from the couch, loveseat, or chairs. 

Additionally, experts recommend setting a distance of about 18 to 24 inches between a fire pit and the seating area. This measurement will help you quickly pull the chair closer or move it away if the fire gets too hot. 

2. Chairs 

You should allow three feet of space for most chairs. When calculating your area, you must also consider the need for a footrest or if your chair can recline or have a sloped back. 

However, if you choose a deep-seat sofa, usually between 34 and 42 inches deep, you must consider the extended area it will occupy. 

3. Chaise Lounges 

They are usually 80 inches long and 24 inches wide, and you should leave at least 24 inches of space around them. Allot 18 inches of room for a small table on one side.

4. Hammocks 

Hang your hammock ten to 15 feet apart, 18 inches above the ground, and anchor it with tree 

straps, posts, or a stand. Ensure your supports can handle the weight.

5. Outdoor Sofas and Loveseats 

They provide comfortable and flexible seating for several people. Loveseats are usually 52 to 60 inches long, while sofas are 70 to 94 inches long. While the standard depth for both is 30 to 32 inches, deeper options are available.

Final Thoughts

If you do it correctly, outdoor furniture can transform your outdoor space into a cozier space. Planning and investing in high-quality pieces can help you get the most out of this home improvement project. 

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