Three Maintenance Considerations for Wicker Patio Furniture

The number of homeowners integrating wicker patio furniture within their property areas has grown in recent years as many discover the range of advantages wicker brings to the home. The light, durable material looks fresh, feels comfortable and can be added within an assortment of patio designs. But it’s important to establish the ideal maintenance regimen to keep the material looking its peak best over many years. In this blog, we’ll look at three maintenance considerations for wicker patio furniture.


1. Keep the Material Clean to Extend Lifetime Use

Wicker furniture often has numerous crevices in which material can collect. By immediately removing products such as dust and other organic materials such as hair, homeowners can ensure their wicker furniture stays in optimal condition for several years. This means that it’s important to brush and vacuum the material every few months to remove any trapped materials. If the brush or vacuum isn’t enough to remove any elements within the material, use a mild detergent and warm water with soap to wipe it down.

2. Protect the Material against Moisture

One of the leading reasons behind warping in natural wicker materials is that there’s too much moisture present. Too much moisture will cause the material to sag and gather mildew if it’s not protected. And so many industry experts now recommend the use of tung oil to make the furniture more weather resistant. While the tung oil will not completely protect the furniture against the effects of large downpours, it will keep the dampness from softening and stretching the material fibers over time. Apply tung oil with a soft cloth over the furniture when first placing it outside the home, then again at the end of the patio season. This should help significantly increase the wicker material’s durability. For maintenance free wicker material, choose all resin wicker as it is perfect for our harsh Florida climate.  

3. Cover Furniture when Not In Use

While there are techniques for protecting wicker furniture against the moisture, humidity and cool air, prolonged exposure to the elements can cause lasting damage to the material. This means it’s imperative to cover furniture with breathable materials during prolong periods of heat or sustained rain. By keeping the cover on the material over time, homeowners can maintain its quality for many years of use.


Wicker patio furniture is a natural choice for the warm Florida sunshine. By following the maintenance steps highlighted in this article, homeowners can keep the material looking its majestic best for many years to come. To learn more on wicker maintenance, speak with one of our experts directly!