Timeless Classic Series: Cast Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Timeless Classic Series: Cast Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

No one can deny that beautiful patio furniture is a great addition to a home’s outdoor living space, providing a safe and comfortable spot for your family and friends to relax and spend time together. Planning all the elements of this area is as important as planning for every room in your house. You want a cool and comfy ambience where you’d have no trouble unwinding after a long day at work or entertaining a group of friends for a special occasion.


First of all, your outdoor furniture should go well together with all the other aesthetic elements of your space, including decorations, lighting, and the natural environment, of course. When choosing the best patio furniture set for your home, consider not only the look you want to achieve but more importantly, factors like durability and cost.


If you are leaning towards metal patio furniture instead of other materials, then one of your best bets would be cast aluminum. This material can easily outperform other similar materials in most aspects including strength, versatility, weight, and maintenance requirements.



Cast aluminum patio furniture is not to be mistaken for the average aluminum furniture. Unlike the latter’s tubular frame that is hollow and bent into the shape and form needed, cast aluminum is poured into a mold. This method results to the classically beautiful detailed surface textures of furniture of this material. Among the most popular styles are intricate designs and ornate shapes that are similar to wrought ironwork. You’d also see cast aluminum patio furniture in sleek and more modern styles.



If you are wondering how heavy cast aluminum furniture is, it is lighter compared to wrought iron but heavier than aluminum. Yes, it’s right about somewhere in the middle, making it easier to move than wrought iron but definitely stronger than tubular aluminum. Also, it’s unlikely that you’d see cast aluminum furniture blown over when the wind gets strong. This feature makes it ideal if you think you’d be moving your furniture sometimes or even if you’re planning to move elsewhere altogether!



Aside from the range of styles that you can create through the casting procedure, there is almost no limit to the colors and color combinations you can do through painting or powder coating. You can achieve high gloss, matte, or satin finishes, and textures can either be smooth or bumpy.



Because of its durability, and the fact that it doesn’t rust, cast aluminum needs very minimal upkeep. All you need to do is to give it an occasional spraying down using a hose or if you’re into it, wiping it down with a rag dipped in mild soap solution. You may also apply wax that is specially formulated for powder coatings.


Going for cast aluminum furniture for your patio can give you an area that you can enjoy for many years. You can have this beautiful material for your garden chairs and benches, bistro or dining tables, club chairs, and more. For elegant and truly timeless cast aluminum pieces, check out Palm Casual’s Clermont and Grand Terrace Collections and you’ll surely find a set that’s perfect for your home!