Timeless Classic Series: Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Timeless Classic Series: Wicker Outdoor Furniture

So you are thinking of getting new furniture for your outdoor space. You ask around and you almost unanimously, people tell you to get polyethylene wicker furniture. Naturally, you want to know more about it. Well, you came to the right place, because here give you everything you need to know about yet another classic: Wicker Outdoor Furniture.


What is Polyethylene Wicker?

As implied, this material is made from durable polyethylene strips that are woven and fitted across very sturdy frames. Polyethylene is something we use in our daily lives. Because it is non-reactant it is the best choice for the fabrication of synthetic wicker.


The best outdoor wicker furniture is made from high density polyethylene vinyl that is extruded to look like natural fibers. This material is built to withstand extreme weather conditions, ensuring that your outdoor furniture would look great for a really long time. Wicker is also known for its ability to resist dirt and dust, so it is perfect for people who prefer low maintenance materials for their outdoor furniture.


What Makes Polyethylene Wicker an Excellent Choice for Outdoor Furniture?

Natural materials are, of course, beautiful. However, when you consider all the elements that outdoor furniture has to withstand and how much it is needed for products to last for a really long time, you’d realize that natural wickers are not going to last as long as polyethylene ones.


Our wicker furniture resembles the way natural wicker looks and retains its best qualities while also being immune to harsh environmental factors. You won’t have to worry about ultraviolet light. This sophisticated material does not retain moisture so it won’t expand, weaken, or rot.


Thanks to Advance Technology

Because of the advances in technology, we are now able to produce polyethylene wicker that is truly natural-looking. With new textures available and innovative extrusion processes, we get to manufacture high-quality furniture. You can also find wicker furniture in amazing colors now, allowing for a more contemporary and modern look for outdoor spaces.


Palm Casual Wicker Furniture

Your trusted maker of only the best outdoor furniture, Palm Casual, brings you a wide variety of furniture that is made of the highest quality polyethylene wicker. You can choose from an array of deep seating, dining, and lounge sets. You will find our wicker furniture in different sizes and styles, so you can definitely find one that meets your preferences. Our wicker furniture consists of a sturdy yet elegant removable seat frame and beautiful Sunbrella fabric.