Tools for Cooking Outdoors

There are few things nicer than well-grilled piece of meat.  Cooking outside has long been both a call to humanity’s earliest tradition and a recognition that sometimes the old ways are best.  That said, there are plenty of new ways to do things in the old style, like smokers, propane grills, fire pits, and all kinds of other options to turn food from raw to tasty.  When it comes to regular grilling there are some great modern tools that can help you put a new twist on traditional fire-kissed cuisine.

Barbecue Set

Your first step is the tools you absolutely need to do the job.  You can get away with a spatula and tongs but there are grilling sets in cases that can dramatically diversify what you can do.  Some cases include multiple knives, corn holders, skewers, meat forks, and brushes to get your grill shiny once you’re done.  In terms of pricing, the sky’s the limit with these sets, so look for stainless steel and sturdy construction and not too high a price tag.


Experience may have taught you how to know when an inch-thick slab of ribeye has just crested into medium rare but for cuts or meats you’re not used to its common to err on the side of overcooked.  You won’t need to make that mistake with the right thermometer.  In addition to standard analog versions there are digital ones with timers and even thermometers that alert your cell phone when the meat has reached the correct temperature.  Technology can sure make cooking easier.

Specialty Grilling Sets

While throwing the meat on the grill works for most cuts you may want to stretch your meat-related horizons a bit.  Rotisserie options let you cook all manner of poultry or thick slabs like roasts in a way that infuses that grill taste while sealing in all those tasty juices.  If you want to try something really different there are rodizio style grilling sets available as well.  Rodizio is a form of Brazilian barbecue where huge skewers cook everything from prime rib, to cheese infused sirloin, to sweet pineapple.  Think shish kebabs on steroids.

With these tools a whole varied array of cooking options suddenly becomes possible – and all manner of delicious adventures await.  If you’re looking for some gorgeous furniture to go together with your outdoor cooking station Palm Casual has got you covered.  Check out our inventory today.