Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space This Spring

Spring is an ideal season for home improvements. You should take this opportunity to upgrade your porch, patio and decks – so that when summer comes rolling in, you’ll just sit back and relax despite the heat. This is also the season to clean and have a brighter and fresher perspective on your outdoor space. Read on to find out more tips on how you can upgrade your outdoor living space this spring!
Replace light bulbs
It’s all about good lighting – it gives a different perspective on a certain space. You can opt for dimmable light switches to create a more intimate feel during night time. Dimmable LED bulbs provide whiter and cooler light, and at the same time, you will be reducing your energy bill greatly. It might be a bit pricey, but it will definitely be a good investment from your energy savings and an 18-year lifespan.
Reduce the clutter
If there are any outdoor furniture items or furnishings that you think should be replaced or discarded, then you should do that. If you feel that it’s time to give your backyard a fresher look, then get new outdoor furniture. If you have cables and cords that are tangled on the floor, organize those. It definitely makes a space seem messy and unkept.
Update your fabrics
Spring is also the time to replace fabrics with newer, cleaner and brighter ones. If you have fabrics with darker colors, it’s time to get brighter ones – it will also give you a sense of freshness just by seeing them. At the same time, you may also consider replacing towels, dog beds, sheets and comforter covers – you will have an easy home makeover!
Repaint walls
If you want a more dramatic update, have your walls repainted. This alone will give a huge transformation to any space. You should go for crisper, brighter and cleaner colors to lighten up your outdoor space. You might want to try out swatches of bright and sunny spring shades.
Remove or replace at least one piece of outdoor furniture
As years go by, possessions tend to pile up and people tend to cling on to them – for sentimental reasons, potential values, etc. While doing your spring cleaning, you will see certain outdoor furniture items that have seen better days. You can try getting rid of one just to see how much it gives new life into a space. When you find that you have more than a few that needs to be replaced, it’s time to invest on new pieces. Here at Palm Casual, we have great styles and designs that are made of high-quality to choose from.

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