Ways to Keep Kids Busy During a Party

Kids can be a handful, wherever they may be. This makes socializing a tad bit more difficult than it used to be. We know parents crave mingling too that is why we have curated some of the best tips to keep kids entertained during parties. Check out the blog below to know more.


Build a kid command center.

Kids are experts in entertaining kids that is why it is a great idea to create a kid-only room or area where they can mingle with each other. By the natural order of things, older kids will make it a point to look after the younger ones –which teaches them a lot about responsibility.

Make sure to have an adult watching over then at all times and let them do crafts, watch a movie, play games and socialize in their own little world so you can go around and mingle with the grown-ups.

Let them help.

Get things done by letting kids help out. Kids love being involved, it makes them feel important and useful. You can ask older kids to help out serve dinner or hand out party favours to your guests and keep them busy while you get bigger tasks done. This is a good opportunity to develop their confidence and practice social graces!

Have an onsite babysitter.

If you are throwing a party, guests with kids in tow will appreciate having a babysitter on site. Make sure to find a babysitter who knows how to keep kids engaged through different activities to help keep them from running to mommy every 2 seconds.

Arrange a kid-lympics.

This might take a whole lot more planning compared to the others but having a series of fun games and mini-competitions prepared for the kids can help keep them busy during the party. Choose safe and friendly games (like bowling, scavenger hunts, mini golf competitions, charades or all four!) for them to play and make sure to have someone (the onsite babysitter perhaps?) to take the role of the master of ceremonies.

These types of games help kids foster sportsmanship, camaraderie and cooperation with one another.

Let them build their treats!

There is nothing kids love more than treats! That is why you can never go wrong with setting up a dessert station where they can make their own treats.

Let them play with their imagination (and their food!). There are a lot of DIY foodspirations and activities online that can help you keep the kids busy throughout the party.

With all these fun and action-packed activities, kids are surely to get tired. Make sure you have sitting room where they can relax so you don't have to carry them everywhere – and our selection of outdoor furniture pieces does just that. Check out our gallery and find the best investment you’ll make for any party.

These are only a few things you can do to keep kids busy during a party. Always remember that kids are the happiest when they feel important and included so make sure to make them feel like any other guest.