Ways to Use Your Patio During the Winter

Winter is here, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying your patio space. Sure, the weather might be a bit chillier than you’re used to and the days get darker sooner, but there are ways to enjoy being outside on the patio. Below are some ways to transform your patio space so you can still use it in the winter.

  1. Add a heat source

There are a variety of different heat sources to add to your patio, including a fire pit, fire table, or other heaters, which come in tabletop, freestanding, or mountable form and can be electric, propane, or gas powered. Any of these options will take the chill out of the air and make your patio comfortable and inviting during the winter.

  1. Add a cover

If your patio isn’t already covered, you may consider adding one. This will help keep the warmth in and the weather out. This can also be beneficial during the spring and summer months when the temperatures begin to rise. You’ll be able to add a cooling unit so that the space can be used when it’s incredibly hot outside.

Adding sides or windbreaks will reduce the chill that comes from winter breezes, or you may consider enclosing the entire patio. Keep in mind if you do this, it will change the type of heater you’ll be able to have in the space or you’ll need to find a way to vent the area.

  1. Warm the floor

There are several options for warming your patio floor, including adding outdoor rugs or underfloor heating. There will be a huge cost difference between these two choices, so you’ll have to determine what you’re willing and able to invest in to keep your outdoor space comfortable and useable all winter long.

  1. Add a hot tub

Nothing seems more welcoming on a cold winter morning or evening than a hot tub. After a long day at work, this can be the perfect way to relax and unwind. If there’s a downside, it would be the price of the tub and maintaining it throughout the year.

Being able to spend time on your patio is relaxing. You should be able to use it year-round, and making a few changes will allow that to happen. Talk to a patio expert for more ideas and tips for transforming your outdoor space into a winter wonderland.