Which Outdoor Lighting Should You Have?

Houses and garden in the city at midnight.

Your outdoor space may be beautiful during a bright and sunny day, but how does it look when it gets dark? Does your amazing space disappear, too? The right kind of lighting will lend your space with a warm glow that will not only make it safer to walk along dark paths but also allow you to have a relaxing dinner.


Similar to your indoor lighting, you can have a combination of different types of outdoor lighting, including wall and table fixtures, overhead lighting, and lanterns and hurricane lights that can be placed on the ground.


To help you decide, here are some types and styles of lighting that are available to you:


Pendant Lights

If you want to achieve that homey “room” ambience for your outdoor living space, you can try installing hanging or pendant lights. One would fit right above a dining table, but you can also use it to illuminate a dark corner or a sitting area. You can find a variety of styles for pendant lights ranging in colors, shapes, and sizes. Find one that would complement your patio furniture.


String Lights

String lights are very versatile and look great on almost anything. They can act as borders and define or brighten edges. You can wrap banisters and columns and have them strewn over trees. You can also let them hang suspend over an open space bistro-style and find that they lend a very romantic and magical glow. You have to consider the size of bulb you’d use in your space – smaller ones offer a gentler and more delicate twinkle, while bigger ones provide more direct and pronounced illumination. They also come in different colors and even bulb shapes.


Flush Lighting

These fixtures can add a soft ambience to a dining area or provide sufficient lighting along a path. This is a preferable option for spaces with lower ceilings where it would look awkward or impractical to use something dangling. They are also great for outdoor spaces that are covered but chandeliers and other pendants are not advised because of the wind.


Lanterns and Hurricane Lamps

A favorite for homeowners with gardens and those who want atmospheric lighting, these types of lighting offer a very relaxed and chic look. Most hurricanes can be moved, so you can easily take them with you when you progress from the dinner table to your seating area or pool. If you’re looking for something that’s fixed, you can go for some electric lanterns.


These are just some lighting options for your outdoor space. Remember though, that lighting is not enough to bring your patio to life. To achieve that truly relaxing yet exciting outdoor living area, get yourself a set of amazing patio furniture from Palm Casual. With our unique pieces, you’d definitely want to turn all the lights on every single night!