Why Recycled Plastic is Better than Wood Patio Furniture

Recycled plastic patio funiture, colored

If you are planning to upgrade your outdoor living space this year, or if you want to invest in new outdoor furniture, then you might want to consider going for recycled plastic patio furniture. Some people think that buying wood patio furniture is the better choice, but let us tell you why you should go for recycled plastic instead.


Recycled Plastic

When you hear the word ‘plastic’, do not make the mistake of associating it with ‘cheap’ products. You might be surprised to know that most products made from recycled plastic are actually high quality and dense. When it comes to outdoor furniture, recycled plastic weathers far better than wood. It is also very solid and thick, making patio furniture sets nice and sturdy.


Not only does recycled plastic patio furniture lets you save money, you are also helping save the environment. Can you visualize a huge island of plastic bottles floating around the ocean, gathered together? The ocean currents carry plastic bottles over thousands of miles all over the ocean. Just think of how much plastic you can help get rid of!



Wood patio furniture has been a popular choice for many years because it costs less compared to outdoor furniture made from steel. It is easy to find and easy to purchase. However, many furniture buyers have come to the realization that wood patio furniture is not the best choice after all. Most wood patio furniture comes with just one colour option that will turn gray overtime. It will also develop mold and mildew as it eventually becomes moist. You should also consider the fact that splinters crack and rot gradually. Since it is made of wood, insect infestation is a possibility. It also tends to warp in the rain, wind and salt spray. You should not allow water or dust to settle on it for extended periods of time.


In addition to the factors mentioned, the initial cost of wooden furniture might be higher than other furniture sets made from different materials.



If you want outdoor furniture that will be worth your money, then recycled plastic patio furniture is your best choice. You do not have to worry about having to replace it from time to time – no matter what the season is, you can be sure that recycled plastic outdoor furniture can stand all elements of nature.


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