Why Should You Buy Cast Aluminum?

Cast aluminum is another popular material used to make out outdoor furniture. Aluminum patio furniture is often made of welded tubular frame pieces. Cast aluminum, on the other hand, is solid all throughout – making it much heavier. However, even though it’s heavier, trust that it’s light enough to be lifted and moved around. It’s just heavy enough for stability purposes – it won’t be blown around by the wind. Cast aluminum frames are made from molds where the molten metal is poured in. Because of this, cast aluminum outdoor furniture is more intricate in details.
So why should you go for cast aluminum outdoor furniture? Here are a few reasons:
Since this outdoor furniture is solid all throughout, it is designed to survive different elements. It doesn’t rust – perfect for cities or regions that have high humidity. Most cast aluminum patio furniture will last for 15 to years of use. Just like all our products, cleaning with Clorox bleach and water is enough to get rid of the dust and dirt. Again, the bleach will do no harm to the frames. Cast aluminum is also hard to bend or break. Since it’s heavier than other outdoor furniture and it has rigid designs, it will feel more stable than other types of outdoor furniture.
If you are into traditional designs or even trendy ones, there are two or more designs that are sure to catch your eye. There are different frame designs nowadays to choose from – depending on the customer’s preferences. Most collections come in complete pieces such as dining chairs and tables, bar stools and more. All thanks to powder coating technology, this type of furniture also comes in different colors. If you would want to have an ‘aged’ or ‘rusty’ feel to your outdoor furniture, there are textured finishes available for cast aluminum outdoor furniture.
With or Without Cushion
Some cast aluminum outdoor furniture collections come with or without cushions – it works either way. Adding basic cushions will definitely improve the comfort, and if you choose cushions with brighter colors, you will be giving more life to your outdoor space. By doing this, you can also let your personality reflect in your cushion choices.
Going for cast aluminum furniture just might be what your outdoor space needs for it to be elegant and stylish. Call our professionals today if you want to inquire for the collections we have on this type of outdoor furniture, as well as for their prices. We will be more than happy to address your inquiries and concerns.

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