Why Wicker is Better than Steel Patio Furniture

So you have finished building the patio of your dreams. All it needs is a set of beautiful outdoor furniture. Your friends might suggest that you get steel furniture, but if you are going to do your research, you will learn that instead of going with steel, you would do a whole lot better with wicker patio furniture.


First of all, you wouldn’t want any form of metal or conducting material for your furniture – especially if you live in an area where thunderstorms occur more than three times a year.


Wicker, on the other hand, is the perfect choice for outdoor furniture. Here are some of the reasons why:


Wicker can be easily weather-proofed.

When coated with the right kind of varnish, wicker-safe paints and oils, wicker patio furniture can last you for many years.


Wicker is ultimately durable.

When used as outdoor seating, it can accommodate almost any weight. It can also withstand various weather conditions including extreme sun and strong winds.


Wicker is a classic choice.

It has been the material of choice since the times of the early Egyptians. Similar to rattan, wicker has that classic elegance that keeps it stylish through many centuries. It brings a touch of elegance and comfort wherever you place it. When you see wicker, you would immediately think of luxury and relaxation at the same time.


Wicker is lightweight.

Compared to steel, wicker patio furniture is very light. Steel can be really heavy; especially the larger pieces that often require more than two people to move. Wicker, on the other hand, is lighter and can easily be moved just by one individual.


Wicker requires minimal upkeep.

Another thing to love about wicker outdoor furniture is that it can easily be cleaned just by using a 50-50 ratio of water and bleach. You can also just dust it off when it is not that dirty. If you are busy, then you would love that it does not require any special attention.


Wicker is versatile.

Wicker is not just for patio furniture. In fact, it can be moved to any part of your home and it will still not look out of place. Its neutral style matches any theme, may it be country, classic, or trendy. You would also love the fact that its appearance can be easily changed with furniture accessories.


Steel might look sturdy but it can also be extremely cold or hot – depending on the current weather. What you want for your patio furniture is something that can provide your much needed comfort and relaxation. Wicker patio furniture can give you just that. Besides, can you imagine yourself lounging around with a good book and your feet up steel patio furniture? We didn’t think so.