Why You Should Always Ask About Your Patio Furniture Warranty

When selecting new furniture for an outdoor space, homeowners must know that their investment is protected for the long-term. This means they must commit to effective research on the type of warranties available for their patio furniture. Within this blog, we’ll look at what furniture buyers must ask when buying products for their home patio space.


Will the Warranty Cover Environmental Damage?

It’s important to know whether the warranty selected will cover any damage to the material caused by the environment. For example, will the warranty cover rain damage? Oftentimes, the answer to this particular warranty question will depend on the material used within the furniture. Steel and iron products tend to have more limited warranty coverage because of the risk of degradation over time. By having this question answered by a specialist, furniture buyers can ensure their costs are covered in the event that repair or replacement might be required.


What are the Standard Maintenance Requirements under the Warranty?

Oftentimes, patio furniture warranties will state that buyers can only recover their costs on the item if a repair or maintenance issue occurs during normal use and only after the maintenance requirements have been followed. This means that homeowners must review their maintenance obligations under the warranty. Does the warranty ask that they cover the material during rain? Does the warranty provide information on the type of cleaning products to be used during maintenance? These stipulations usually have to be followed to the letter otherwise the warranty may be voided.


What is the Duration of the Warranty Coverage?

At Palm Casual, we offer comprehensive warranty coverage that can last anywhere from 5-to-15 years depending on the product. It’s important for buyers to note the length of their warranty protection when buying products because they might have a particular timeframe in mind. For example, buyers might prefer to purchase piece with a 15-year warranty when they’ve just moved to a new home and want to make the space their own for the long-term. The length of the warranty can help determine the level of value achieved in the purchase.


Before finalizing their patio furniture purchase, proactive buyers must speak to a company specialist and decide which warranty option is right for their usage needs. To learn more on the decision-making process, speak with one of our experts today.