Wicker and Cast Aluminum: A Closer Look

Wicker and Cast Aluminum: A Closer Look

If you own outdoor furniture, you must be familiar with these two most known types: cast aluminum and wicker outdoor furniture. There are, of course, differences between the two and each has its own outstanding features.


Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum patio furniture is the perfect option if you want to have a rustic vibe in your backyard. To have a better visual of how it is made, imagine individual solid pieces of metal, and weld them together. As a finishing touch, cast aluminum is powder-coated, so you can rest assured that it has a protective layer to ward off harsh elements. Another great quality: it is rust-proof. You will really get your money’s worth with this pick because you can use it for years and years without having to replace it every now and then.


Cast aluminum outdoor furniture is also very light in weight. If you are after patio furniture that you can easily move around for decorating purposes, you will surely love this type. You might wonder: if it is lightweight, can strong winds blow it away? The answer is definitely not. Despite its lightweight feature, it is still strong enough to stay in its place.


High-quality cast aluminum can take different forms – not just chairs and chaise lounges. For your information, aluminum can be casted or extruded into any shape or design. In addition, because of powder coating technology, different colors are available for this outdoor furniture. Here at Palm Casual, we have a wide range of cast aluminum furniture items and sets for you to choose from.



Now we move on to one of the most popular choices in patio furniture. High-quality wicker outdoor furniture is coated with varnish, oils, and wicker-safe paints that ensure its fresh and clean look all-year round. Just like cast aluminum, you can safely assume that you do not need to replace it any sooner than you think. It is known for withstanding any type of weather, so no need to worry about having it kept outside for the rest of the year.


Since early times, going back to the Egyptians, wicker has been a popular choice. It is similar to rattan, so it definitely gives off that classic vibe – no matter what era you are living in. Who wouldn’t want comfort and elegance in outdoor furniture, right?


Similar to cast aluminum furniture, wicker is also lightweight, so you can easily move it around. This is also great if you have small ones in the family. No need to worry about loose screws that can hurt them or rusty nails that are dangerous for their health.


You have to see it yourself for you to believe that both cast aluminum and wicker patio furniture will be great additions to your outdoor living space. So, what are you waiting for? Visit one of our factory showrooms today!