Wicker Outdoor Furniture: Why You Should Have It This Year

Ahh, the beautiful wicker patio furniture! Have you tried browsing lifestyle magazines or outdoor living space catalogues? You must have seen several magazines or websites featuring wicker patio furniture. This is because this type of outdoor furniture is popular all over the world. It has been around for many years, and people know how reliable it can be – especially if it is made with high quality materials.


If you still aren’t convinced to invest on wicker patio furniture, maybe 2017 is the year for you to do so! Let us remind you why you should go for wicker outdoor furniture:



Instead of having outdoor furniture made of steel or wood – which are both heavy, by the way – why not try having wicker instead? Not only is it lighter than steel and wood, you also do not have to worry from time to time especially if you have young children running around and playing outside.



You can just take one look at wicker patio furniture and think automatically that it must cost a lot – just by looking at its frame and its sophisticated vibe. Its woven patterns surely do stand in comparison to other patio furniture. Not only does it exude class, it also promotes comfort – especially with cushions that are made from equally high quality materials. You can be sure to have your outdoor living area reflect your personality with your choice of patio furniture – especially if you choose wicker.



In the past, wicker patio furniture was believed to be more prone to damage from the different elements of weather. With our modern technology, however, wicker patio furniture is now made from PVC. It is designed to withstand all kinds of weather. So there is no need for you to store your wicker patio furniture away for the colder or hotter months. You can leave it out and no rain, sand, wind and snow can damage it.



Busy people will surely love this feature. Unlike other outdoor furniture that requires religious cleaning and tedious processes, wicker patio furniture require little maintenance. All you need is bleach and water (with a 50-50 ratio) to have your wicker patio furniture cleaned. Just leave it out for a few minutes and you can use it again – just like that!



Despite what you formerly believe, wicker patio furniture is actually affordable, especially the products we have here at Palm Casual. Since we make our own furniture, you can trust that our prices are lower compared to other businesses.


So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the nearest factory and see our products in person!