Winter Activities to Do on Your Outdoor Living Space


When people talk about outdoor living spaces, most thoughts are directed towards summer cookouts and spring get-togethers. Once the fall and winter comes around, however, we tend to forget about outdoor activities due to harsh weather conditions and frigid temps. We get to limit the activities we do – just the usual holiday traditions but nothing more.


That, however, should not be the case. Seasonal outdoor decorating should be as festive outside as it is inside our homes. Here are some ideas you can try with the remaining months we have this winter:


Gather around a fire.

During winter, we understand that it can be less fun to spend your days outdoors due to the cold weather, but that shouldn’t stop you from utilizing your outdoor living space. What you need is a great heat source. Here at Palm Casual, we offer fire pit furniture for you and your family to enjoy. You can still have casual dinners outdoors as long as you have a good source of heat. You can put out your grill – that adds to the heat.


Make a comfy seating area.

If you have high quality patio furniture, you do not have to worry about having no place for your guests to lounge on. Just make sure to make your outdoor furniture more inviting and comfortable to your guests by throwing in some warm blankets and pillows throughout the outdoor living area. If you are looking for items that offer a lot of warmth, then thick fleece is your best choice. Not only do they provide warmth, they can also withstand harsh elements of weather. Alternative fabric options include flannel and wool.


Serve hot beverages.

This is something you should not miss out on. A good host should know that serving hot drinks such as hot cocoa, coffee and cider will definitely keep guests feeling warm and cozy.


Install great outdoor lighting.

Winter days tend to be shorter compared to other seasons so this means you will need good lighting in the evenings for you and your guests to enjoy your outdoor living area. Use professionally installed landscape lighting to light up walkways and pathways. It will help prevent slip and fall accidents, too. You can also hand outdoor string lighting for bright illumination of your whole outdoor living space. If you are after warmer and more intimate lighting, you can use candles and table lanterns.


Cook outdoor dinners.

Cooking and dining outdoors is not just for spring and summer. Do not be afraid to use your outdoor kitchen during the colder months – just make sure to have it covered in case of an occasional rain shower.


If you are looking for high quality patio furniture that can be used even in winter, check out Palm Casual’s website for our wide variety of outdoor furniture.