Winter Backyard Safety Tips for the Family

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Spending time outdoors during the winter season sure is fun, but it also requires special precautions. Outdoor activities are great as they help you get some fresh air and exercise during long winter months. Following some safety tips can help minimize risk of injury while still enjoying various cold weather activities.
Here are some things you need to remember to keep the whole family safe during the winter while outdoors:
Before participating in any winter sports such as skating, skiing or sledding, it is best if you perform a short warm up. Keep in mind that cold muscles are more likely to become injured. When going out to your outdoor living space with your family, make it a habit to have some light exercises and gentle stretching with everyone.
No matter what activity you end up doing on your outdoor living area, be sure that you remind your family to drink plenty of water – before and after spending some time outdoors.
If you will be involved in activities that require protective equipment such as goggles, helmet, gloves and padding, make sure you use such. It is also important to wear several layers of light, loose and water-resistant clothes. This allows your body change its temperature. Proper footwear is also essential – it should provide warmth and dryness.
Many cases of slips, trips and falls outdoors occur during the winter months. To avoid these kinds of accidents, tread safely and walk like a penguin to prevent any snow or ice-related injuries. It is best to walk flat footed and take short steps.
The body can lose heat faster than it can produce when exposed to cold temperatures for prolonged periods of time. Hypothermia is the condition of abnormally low body temperature. It can affect the brain thus causing unclear thinking and may also inhibit body movement. If you are living with elderly relatives, make sure they are well-protected as they are the most common victims of hypothermia.
Frostbite can also damage the body permanently and severe cases can lead to amputation. People with poor blood circulation and who are not dressed appropriately for extremely cold temperatures is at risk of frostbite. Frostbite and hypothermia, in fact, go hand-in-hand.
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