How to Host a Great Summer Outdoor Party

Young people enjoying barbecuing

Very few things beat an evening sitting around in the backyard with your friends, with excellent food grilled to perfection and cold and fresh, fruity beverages to share.  You probably love going to this kind of get-together. But, what if it’s your turn to host this summer’s outdoor party? Do you know what goes into holding the biggest bash of the year?

We can help you! Read on and find out how you can take care of every important stage of the party.

Stage One: Organization

Preparing for the party is probably the part that you look forward to the least. However, it’s a stage that you can’t skip. The most successful parties are the ones that are given time for organization. It would be helpful to have a pre-party checklist to make sure that all the tasks you need to do are covered.

Here are some important tasks you need to include on the checklist:

*Get rid of all the clutter inside and outside your home

*Clean the pool (if you have one) and mow the lawn

*Make sure you have enough plates, glasses, spoons, forks, as well as serving dishes and drink dispensers

*Make sure your outdoor furniture, including all the chairs and tables to be used, are in top condition. If you are not happy with the set you have right now or if you’re looking for a new furniture set, check out Palm Casual’s range of collections

Stage Two: Decide on the Décor

You want to create a fun and festive ambience without going over the top. By decorating your outdoor living space smartly, this can be easily achieved. Here are some ideas:

*Do you have a theme in mind? If so, look for decorative elements that would work well with your theme

*Consider using plants and ornamental grasses or cascading plants for décor

*Fire bowls can lend warmth and ambience instantly, creating a dramatic look

*Fragrant herbs also make for summery table pieces, place them in cute and colorful pots. Perhaps you can even let your guests take these herbs home

Stage Three: Find the Right Food

Okay. So you really don’t have to “find” the right food, but it might be a long selection process for you, too. That depends on how complex you want the menu to be. It doesn’t have to be like that, of course. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the freshest seasonal fruits. Visit a farmers market to see what seasonal goods are available. Keep the dishes simple, too. Grilling is better than doing all the complicated cooking in your kitchen. After all, you don’t want to use up all your energy on the day of the party chopping, sautéing, and baking all day.


There are other things you’d want to think about, like whether you’re going to have games and other activities. Whatever type of party you are going to host, one thing is important, and that is to make sure that your guests are comfortable and having fun. Make sure they can sit for hours and chat with you in comfort with Palm Casual outdoor furniture!