How to Create a European Design Aesthetic in Your Patio Space

The traditional European patio design offers a simple approach to the outdoor space. It’s a design aesthetic that allows European property owners to capitalize on their home’s outdoor areas during the few warmer months over the years. For Florida homeowners with access to year-round sunshine, this style of European patio design could be the perfect choice for a simplistic and yet highly attractive patio space. Here, we’ll look at several options for a European-style patio design.


French Farmhouse Style can be achieved with Wooden Furniture and Linen

Why not invite guests to your home to discover the essence of the French countryside by decorating the patio with natural wood furniture? Light wood products and crisp white linens evoke a sense of French cultural appeal. The motif can be polished with the addition of white plates during breakfast or dinner occasions, or a simple flower pot in the middle of the table throughout the day. It’ll bring the French wine country aesthetic directly to your Florida home.


Capture the Essence of Spanish Style with Villa Features

The traditional Spanish villa is an environment rich with sandy colors and calming features. You can recreate this look cost-effectively through the use of terra-cotta tiles that give the patio floor a beach-style quality. Alternatively, homeowners could simply use terra-cotta planters filled with bright colored flowers to enliven their outdoor living space. The Mediterranean look can be further enhanced with the addition of black candle holders on the exterior wall of the home.


Recreate the Look of the English Countryside with Cottage Elements

There’s nothing quite like having a quiet nook in the corner of the outdoor space for reading and relaxing. The English countryside home designers have perfected this space, and the good news for Florida homeowners is the design is simple to recreate. Add climbing plants to fenced areas and integrate a small water feature within the outdoor space for that relaxing background noise. The area can be completed with the addition of a white iron table and chairs, and floral table linen. Remember to bring your finest cutlery for those outdoor social occasions in your new English garden space.



It takes just a little time and imagination to recreate those classic European design palettes in your Florida home. To discover more design options, speak with one of our trusted experts directly!