How-To: Maximizing Small Outdoor Spaces

Backyard view with wooden fence, concrete floor and lots of fir trees around.

Outdoor living spaces, no matter how small they are, deserve high-quality outdoor furniture, too. Here are some great tips for making the most out of a diminutive outdoor area:


#01. Choose a Focal Point

When creating optimal décor, the idea is to put less. Avoid cluttering a small outdoor space with too many pieces. Instead, start with a focal point and build around it. This certain focal point can be your dining setting or an outdoor lounge – this depends on your preferences. Additional items should complement the focal point, not compete with it.


#02. Go Vertical

Vertical lines and design elements help bring an expansive feel to your outdoor space. You can have this with stacked storage, slender trees, and tall art pieces.


#03. Be Mindful of Colors and Patterns

Certain fabrics that have “busy” designs or too many details can make a small space look smaller. Dark or bright colors can also have a stifling effect. When choosing cushions and pillow fabric patterns, opt for an open, uncluttered look for a more expansive feel. Light colors in patio pavers, tile, and furniture also help create the illusion that your space is larger. Dark colors, however, can cause certain areas to recede in space. Alternating darker tones and light earth ones can have a relaxing effect that can make your space seem larger than it really is.


#04. Utilize Multi-Functional Pieces

Multi-use outdoor furniture can be an effective solution when furnishing a smaller outdoor space. You can choose modular outdoor settings that can be adjusted or changed to fit your outdoor entertaining needs.


#05. Use Outdoor Drapes

Avail drapes in outdoor fabric to make your outdoor space look bigger. These drapes draw attention away from a small footprint. You can use a curtain rod to hang your drapes. There are some drapes made with Sunbrella fabric – just like the ones we have – to protect them from harsh elements and to prevent color fade from UV rays.


BONUS TIP: Use a Mirror

This has been tried and tested over the years! Adding a mirror to any small space makes that space look bigger. To an outdoor space, mirrors will reflect the light and make any space feel more open. This is a quick-fix to make any deck, patio, or gazebo appear much grander than it actually is!


In an apartment or city dwelling, smaller outdoor spaces are one of the challenges faced, but there are several ways to offset this issue. Fortunately, here at Palm Casual, we provide outdoor furniture that can help you optimize your relaxing and entertaining options.


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