Throw the Best Summer Outdoor Party

Friends Having a Party

Who doesn’t love summer? Summer is the best time to play outdoors, bask under the sun, and throw great outdoor parties. Instead of going out-of-town, maximize your own outdoor living area for a great time with family and friends. Here are some tips on how to pull-off a memorable one:


Interesting Themes

Choosing a theme does not necessarily mean you need to match all of your flatware and drinkware – you just have to stick with a theme to ensure your party packs a punch. You can choose a color palette for a table setting that really pops, such as monochrome or even primary colors.


Flavored Cubes

Since the days are hotter than most during the summer, try spicing up your drinks a bit. This can be done by simply filling an ice cube tray with water, drop in some raspberries and slices of lime, lemon and orange. Once frozen, the infused cubes can be used to add flavor while cooling down glasses of water or freshly squeezed lemonade. The kids will love it, and the adult, too!


Night Movies

The summer sun can get a little bit intense during the day, so invite your friends to come together for an after-dark movie night under the stars. It can be easily done by buying or renting a projector, hooking it up to your laptop computer, and displaying a great summer flick on a thick white blanket, or an empty wall. The movie buffs amongst your friends and relatives will sure appreciate a good movie under the stars.


Chilled Drinks

One of the most important things when throwing a summer time is to never run out of cold beverages. This does not mean that as the host, you have to be a bartender for the rest of the party. You just have to make sure that you have enough to keep your guests hydrated. One fun way to achieve this is by filling colorful bins with ice and assorted bottle drinks so your guests can just get the drinks themselves. Check from time-to-time if the bins need replenishing.


Food Lids

As fun as it is to have a party during the summer, you can’t help but battle bugs as the night goes on. However, don’t let the critters discourage you from having a backyard party! Just make sure to cover your foods and appetizers with pretty glass domes and cake stands to keep the buggers away, and at the same time, preserving the foods’ freshness.


Quality Patio Furniture

Throwing a great outdoor party will not be achieved without sufficient seating options for your guests. Make sure you choose quality outdoor furniture that will last even if you throw as many parties as you like. Here at Palm Casual, we only provide the best patio furniture items for our customers. Visit our website today!