What to Look for In a New Home’s Yard Space

When purchasing that new home, there are many factors to take into consideration. Is the price-point suitable for your budget? What is the neighborhood like? Is the property in close proximity to work? These are questions many have to answer before buying their ideal property. However, few take into consideration the requirements for their home yard. And so within this blog, we’ll review what you should consider when assessing a property’s yard space.



The yard might look outstanding from within the home area, but an architectural feature could be blocking the view from the street. Begin you yard assessment with a walk around all areas of the property. You’ll be able to see what your yard looks like as well as assess the views of your neighbor’s property from your yard. This can help you in determining the overall value of the space.



While it might not seem important at first, drainage will be a critical issue when moving into a new home. Does the yard have adequate drainage or are their pools of water in amongst the grass and patio spaces? In older homes, you might have to ask the real estate agent or homeowner’s permission to turn on the sprinkler to determine the drainage quality. Poor drainage could mean water leaking from the yard towards the patio and the home structure. And so this area must be analyzed carefully before purchase.



In what condition are the trees around the home? Expertly managed trees will show signs of branches having been trimmed or removed. But you might discover tree branches are hanging over fencing or patio areas, potentially causing a structural issue you might have to resolve after moving. Speak to the homeowner about their maintenance routine and analyze potential hazards to your lawn and patio.


Look for Signs of Lifting or Cracking in Patios

You might find that the roots of trees in the area go underneath the patio space. This can cause a range of structural issues and may prevent you from achieving your ideal patio area after you move. Look for signs that roots are penetrating the surface of the patio. You’ll notice small cracks and the lifting of patio stones where the roots are uplifting structural elements. If there are significant concerns, ask the homeowner when they last added to their patio space and speak with a specialist landscaper about reviewing the property before you make a purchase decision.


Only through comprehensive analysis can you select a home and yard that matches your ideal requirements. Speak with your local real estate agent as well as the homeowner about your criteria and any concerns you have before you purchase. You’re then free to create your own perfect yard environment!