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Month: January 2015


Posted January 29, 2015
BIG NEWS! We are currently setting up our 15th factory showroom and our newest is located in the greater ATLANTA market! Today we are busy unloading the trucks and getting ready for our opening on SATURDAY! OUR LOCATION 10070 Medlock ...Read More

How to Create a European Design Aesthetic in Your Patio Space

Posted January 26, 2015
The traditional European patio design offers a simple approach to the outdoor space. It’s a design aesthetic that allows European property owners to capitalize on their home’s outdoor areas during the few warmer months over the years. For Florida homeowners ...Read More

3 Common Questions on Patio Furniture Design

Posted January 19, 2015
When they make an investment in patio furniture, buyers should ensure that their new purchase will become an important part of their home for many years to come. Unfortunately, many don’t complete the required research before the purchase process, and ...Read More

3 Applications for Natural Stone within Your Backyard Space

Posted January 12, 2015
Natural stone can transform a yard space. It’s an element that draws together a landscape design and ensures a classical appeal within the yard. But many homeowners are not quite sure on the most effective ways to utilize natural stone ...Read More