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Month: July 2015

A Guide to Using Stone Elements in Your Newly Designed Yard Space

Posted July 21, 2015
Stone elements are now helping homeowners across the region craft their ideal person space within their backyard. Traditionally used for pathways and borders to garden areas, stones are now being harnessed to achieve unique design appeal. And within our latest ...Read More

How to Create the Ideal Outdoor Space for a Summer Party

Posted July 14, 2015
The summer is now in full swing and homeowners across Florida are now planning their coming summer parties to ensure their guests have a fun and memorable party experience. The outdoor space can be the ideal environment to enjoy a ...Read More

Three Tips for Bringing Convenience to Your Patio Space

Posted July 7, 2015
The patio space in your home might be a place in which you wish to highlight your style to neighbors and loved one during social occasions. But it doesn’t mean you should forgo the comforts and conveniences of the home ...Read More

How to Spice Up Your Patio This Summer

Posted July 1, 2015
The patio space is a deeply personal area of the home. It requires a unique touch to ensure the space offers the level of customized appeal homeowners require for the long-term. With the peak of the summer weather now here, ...Read More