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Month: July 2016

Unconventional Designs for Your Backyard

Posted July 31, 2016
Having your own outdoor living space is fun! Why? You can have it customized any way you want it! This summer, why don’t you try taking advantage of the warmer days and enjoy the rest of the season by utilizing ...Read More

Great Food Ideas for Your Summer Outdoor Party

Posted July 29, 2016
A summer party does not have to cost plenty of money. The sun, friends and delicious food are enough to have a grand one! Since it is hot outside, you would want to keep foods light and easy as well ...Read More

Cool-Off at Your Own Patio This Summer

Posted July 25, 2016
As fun as it is to be able to bask under the sun’s glory, shade becomes more valuable during summer. People still prefer to have some shade instead of being exposed to direct sunlight all day long. Many people become ...Read More

Backyard Activities for Pregnant Women

Posted July 22, 2016
Being pregnant and carrying a new life in your womb is one of the hardest things that a woman can go through – but it is equally satisfying! Some women, when they get pregnant, think that there will be some ...Read More

Make Awesome ‘Backyard Memories’ This Summer

Posted July 18, 2016
Before the summer ends, you must have made several awesome memories! The warmer months do not come every so often – make sure you do not sit this one out! If you are having some troubles finding things to do ...Read More

Palm Casual: Who We Are

Posted July 11, 2016
When looking for the best providers in any industry, it is best to know who they are first. In the world of outdoor furniture, Palm Casual has been a name that many customers recognize and love. Why?   Here are ...Read More

Keep Your Backyard Safe This Summer

Posted July 1, 2016
Can’t get enough of backyard barbecues, swimming pools, and bonfires? Don’t worry; so can’t we! That’s what summer is for – having fun with family and friends under the sun! Just before you get carried away with the season and ...Read More