4 Benefits of Sling Fabric for Outdoor Furniture

4 Benefits of Sling Fabric for Outdoor Furniture

High quality outdoor furniture has high quality needs that some people underestimate. Take for instance the materials used to make high quality outdoor furniture, the technology, and the amount of effort used to make it – they must be on the higher end if they were to last.


In the Past…

High-quality wicker outdoor furniture was initially based on natural fibers. Through the years, it eventually adapted to synthetic wicker. The evolution of outdoor furniture materials since then has continued with synthetic composite material infused with the latest polymer technology. Hence, the sling fabric was born.


Outdoor Furniture with Sling Fabric

The use of this sling fabric has since evolved into many various uses, not just for furniture. Other outdoor applications on architecture and landscape also use the sling fabric. This just goes to prove that sling fabric is indeed highly durable and it is designed for strength. It is also equally suitable as an outdoor fabric for high-quality outdoor furniture.


Its Benefits

Here are some of the found benefits of using sling fabric for outdoor furniture:


#01. Well-Tensioned Sling Does Not Easily Break

Contrary to some perceptions, well-tensioned sling is tough on normal use and it does not break easily. For instance, if you were to sit on it and you have keys in your back pockets, the keys would not make a hole out of a good quality sling furniture. This only goes to show how durable outdoor sling fabric is.


#02. “Cushioning” Comfort is Provided

Well-tensioned sling fabric also provides a sense of comfort with its ‘cushioning’ effect. Good quality sling furniture does not overstretch. No additional cushion seat is required because of this sense of “cushion”. Some outdoor cushions can be customized upholstered.


#03. Water Easily Goes through Outdoor Sling Fabric

This is probably one of the best and strongest features of using outdoor sling. It has the ability to not hold any water. So, when it rains, the mesh allows for quick pass through of rain water and it also dries easily out in the sun. It can be easily cleaned with a quick spray hose down any dirt. Outdoor sling fabric is highly ideal for the tropics and extremely wet season.


#04. Variety of Assorted Textures and Colors

If we’re talking about its sense of style, sling outdoor furniture also comes with a wide variety of vibrant colors, thicknesses, and textures. It even has color combinations to suit your preference. Sling furniture with aluminum or cast aluminum can surely give any outdoor living space a more vibrant and modern look.


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