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Month: September 2017

Outdoor Living Space Privacy: Are You Getting Enough?

Posted September 30, 2017
Do you sometimes think about those glorious days when you could just kick back, relax, and enjoy your solitude in your very own yard? Back then you never worried about prying eyes. But your neighbors have chopped down that tree ...Read More

Ways to Relax at Your Outdoor Living Space

Posted September 26, 2017
Do you feel like your kids have taken over your outdoor space? If you have children, we bet you crave for some time for yourself, even just a few hours or even minutes of relaxation. But if you’re busy with ...Read More

Outdoor Living Space: How to Improve Your Own

Posted September 25, 2017
Not every household is lucky to have some outdoor living space. If you have one, then you should definitely make the most of it and improve its overall appeal. You might have a small balcony or perhaps a sprawling backyard. ...Read More

Keeping Your Kids Safe at Your Own Backyard

Posted September 23, 2017
Backyards and fun are two words that you cannot separate from each other, especially for children. They are a place where your kids could run around, breathe some fresh air, and have endless hours of entertainment.   However, backyards could ...Read More

Wicker Outdoor Furniture: A Closer Look

Posted September 19, 2017
How much do you enjoy your outdoor living space? Are you one of those people who look forward to relaxing in their patios after work or are you among those who always seem to rush inside the house? Most homeowners ...Read More

Which Outdoor Lighting Should You Have This Fall?

Posted September 16, 2017
This magical season has come again! We are now getting shorter days but one can still stay outside and enjoy a relaxing warm drink at sunset or even hours after the sun has gone down. If your home has a ...Read More

Redesigning Your Own Patio This Fall

Posted September 12, 2017
One of the best things about fall is that it give us the perfect excuse to redesign our own patios to fit this festive season. You can easily find a professional designer to do this for you, but where is ...Read More

The Right Kind of Fall Patio Furniture

Posted September 5, 2017
Summer may be over but just because cooler temperature is slowly making its way back does not mean you have to stay indoors all the time and allow your patio to sit idly. If you think of it, fall is ...Read More

Keeping the Family Entertained This Fall

Posted September 1, 2017
If you are like us, you have probably spent days, weeks, or even months counting down to your first glimpse of everyone’s favorite season. And now that it is here, you might be thinking of some fun ways to entertain ...Read More