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Month: October 2017

Choosing Your Outdoor Color Scheme

Posted October 28, 2017
When you are purchasing furniture for your home's interior, you probably consider the room's current color scheme when you are choosing the upholstery and other materials. How about when you are shopping for your outdoor furniture? Do you also think ...Read More

Outdoor Spaces: Living Room

Posted October 25, 2017
When the topic goes to patio furniture, most of the time people instantly think of outdoor dining settings. But you shouldn't be so quick to decide that you only want to use your patio or deck for having lunch or ...Read More

Bug-Free Outdoor Feast? Check This Out!

Posted October 22, 2017
It's kind of hard to enjoy lunch outdoors with your family if there are bugs trying to share your meal or even try to have you as their meal! If you understand what usually attracts outdoor insects and you know ...Read More

Safety 101: Night-time Pool Parties

Posted October 19, 2017
A pool party at night is always an exciting idea, and for most people, it's the highlight of their vacation - one that can only be ruined by an accident. While the first rule is to have fun, you should ...Read More

Host a Halloween Party at Your Own Backyard

Posted October 16, 2017
With the air getting crisp and the orange leaves are falling, we all know what would be coming next: Halloween! Yes, it’s just around the corner and you may want to make it more special this year for your little ...Read More

Why You Should Upgrade Your Patio Furniture Before the Year Ends

Posted October 13, 2017
Many people tend to use the same outdoor furniture for years, giving little thought to its age. We usually think about replacing it when we get bored of looking at it, when its fabric starts to tear, or when the ...Read More

New House, New Outdoor Furniture

Posted October 10, 2017
Don’t you just love it when you move to a new house? Everything looks and feels different. You know that it might take a few days, weeks or months even to get used to the new environment.  But that’s where ...Read More

The Safety of Your Children in Your Patio

Posted October 7, 2017
Just as important as it is to childproof your home, it is also important to keep your patio kid-friendly. Having a child-friendly patio promotes safety and it would also encourage your kids to spend more time outdoors. Nowadays, kids spend ...Read More

Winter Backyard Safety Tips for the Family

Posted October 4, 2017
Spending time outdoors during the winter season sure is fun, but it also requires special precautions. Outdoor activities are great as they help you get some fresh air and exercise during long winter months. Following some safety tips can help ...Read More

The Beauty of Recycled Plastic Furniture

Posted October 1, 2017
Recycled plastic outdoor furniture is the go-to choice if you are considering going ‘green’ on your outdoor living space. It is designed to look and feel like it is made of real wood but it is actually made from post-consumer ...Read More