The Different Types of Patio Umbrella

A patio umbrella is an essential outdoor equipment if you want to be protected from the burning heat of the sun, especially during the hot summer. A high-quality patio umbrella offers you with shade and coolness, as well as elegant aesthetics that are two factors to be considered for your outdoor living space.

There are various patio umbrella types that homeowners can choose from. They are differentiated both by style and use. That’s why if you are looking for the right patio umbrella, you should know something about each type to make the right choice.

  • Table Patio Umbrella – It may be the most common type of patio umbrella. As you can tell from its name, a table patio umbrella is often placed and made to stand in the patio table hole. This type of umbrella looks like the one you usually use by hand – but oversized. It can be used in the garden, yard, or the balcony if it’s spacious enough. A table patio umbrella usually comes with its own base as well to enable it to stand firmly without adding too much stress on the table.
  • Offset Umbrella – This type of patio umbrella has a support base that is solid and large enough to allow it to stand with stability on the side of your patio furniture set. The pole of an offset umbrella is designed to be placed on the side of the canopy instead of in the middle. There is also a long arm that can strongly hold the big canopy for those taking shade under the umbrella. You can place a table under if you’re planning to have lunch or dinner, although it is not required. Offset patio umbrellas are comparatively heavier and therefore less portable.
  • Commercial Patio Umbrella – This is the type of umbrella that you usually see outside restaurants or coffee shops, as well as in hotels. It is used both to add more seating and dining space and to add a decorative element. Commercial patio umbrellas are often more durable because they are made of thicker material.
  • Tilting Umbrella – This type of patio umbrella is designed so that it is not fixed in one angle but is able to rotate around its pole. This is achieved with an additional joint added to the pole. It is more flexible than other umbrellas because it can change angles to protect you from the scorching heat all throughout the day, even with the sun moving. It is also pretty easy to use and install. Like the table umbrella, the tilting umbrella has a solid support base that can stand on the ground.
  • Sail Umbrellas – these are popular among homeowners with kids. Unlike other types of patio umbrellas, a sail patio umbrella is a tri-cornered piece that doesn’t require any pole. Instead, each corner is tied tightly around trees, rails, or poles. Because it doesn’t need poles, it is more portable as it can be easily folded and carried in a box or bag.

These are just some types of patio umbrellas that you can choose from for your outdoor space. Choose one that would go well with the theme of your outdoor living space. Check out our collection of beautiful patio umbrellas that would look great with your Palm Casual outdoor furniture, too!