Three Tips for Adding To Your Patio Space This Holiday Season

It’s the beginning of the holiday season and homeowners across the country are now considering how to add to their patio space ready for the festivities the holiday season will bring. It’s important to use colorful and stylish products to ensure a smooth transition between the holiday and the start of 2015. By following the guidance in this article, homeowners can create a picturesque patio landscape that becomes the envy of the neighborhood over many months to come.


Drape String Lights on Branches

String lights bring memories of decorating our trees with family. Homeowners can capture this quintessential facet of the holiday spirit by decorating outdoor greenery with tree lights and surround their patio with starry wonder for the season. String lights can be purchased cost-effectively and can be easily draped over tree branches or across the outer areas of the patio space. String lights can also be used to highlight a patio walkway for those wintertime outdoor gatherings with friends and family.


Arrange Patio Planters to Bring Color to Your Patio Space

Planters with colorful flower arrangements bring life and vibrancy to any patio environment. And Florida homeowners have their fair share of options when it comes to outdoor winter plant life, despite the warm climate over the winter months. Plants such as poinsettias and Christmas cacti are considered great choices for wintertime patio decorating. But it’s important to research the care requirements to ensure they look their peak best through the holiday season and beyond.


Create a Holiday Bench Display

Homeowners can capitalize on patio benches by dressing them using traditional holiday items such as pinecones, greenery and holiday ornaments. The display will present guests with a vision of the holidays as they enter the patio space. To further capture the holiday spirit, homeowners could spray the arrangement with a light dusting of fake snow.


By using simple, yet creative techniques, homeowners can encapsulate the holiday spirit within their patio spaces this season. Consider the options outlined in this article when you begin your holiday decorating. To discover more tips and techniques on patio decorating, contact our team directly.

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