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Month: January 2016

Decorating Your Patio For Winter

Posted January 29, 2016
Just because it’s snowing outside doesn’t mean your patio has to give in to the winter blues. With the blistering cold, we know you can’t use your patio well over the winter but you there are some steps you can ...Read More

Ways to Keep Kids Busy During a Party

Posted January 22, 2016
Kids can be a handful, wherever they may be. This makes socializing a tad bit more difficult than it used to be. We know parents crave mingling too that is why we have curated some of the best tips to ...Read More

Party Etiquette: How to be the Best Guest at the Party

Posted January 15, 2016
With gatherings-a-plenty, one can easy get lost with all the mingling and social graces. Socializing with grace is no easy feat that why we have come up with a list of tips to help you be the perfect party guest ...Read More

How to Take Care of Wicker Furniture During Winter

Posted January 8, 2016
The combined elements of winter can be pretty harsh to your outdoor furniture - it can speed up their natural aging process and possibly destroy it. Just how do you winterize your outdoor furniture? Here are some tips: Store it ...Read More

How to Host a Party on New Year’s Eve

Posted January 1, 2016
So you want to host a party on New Year’s Eve? You must be feeling pressured right now. Don't let the stress of party planning get in the way of your holiday cheer because we have made a list of ...Read More